Most consumers don’t realize the significant impact residential homes have on the environment as a whole. From substantial energy use, to natural resource consumption, to green house gas emissions, personal property is one of the leading sources of consumption and pollution—most of which occurs unknowingly.


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Environmental benefits of Green Building may include:

Your home is the number one way you and your family affect the environment. Home builders in Northern Virginia, such as those who work for A.R. Design Group, are versed in the latest design and building methods that help you reduce your carbon footprint when you are ready to begin planning the home of your dreams. The team at A.R. Design Group is committed to proving to you that luxury and sustainability can be combined to make Virginia custom homes as accommodating of a space as possible.

Your Economic Benefits:


While green construction and design can be incorporated at any stage in the life cycle of a building, it is important to find a partner who can implement it right from the beginning. The staff at A.R. Design Group is trained to incorporate the latest green design methods and trends into Virginia custom homes in order to maximize the home’s sustainability.

By starting off your new luxury home on a sustainable path, we are able to enhance and protect the biodiversity and ecosystems of Virginia. By designing for energy efficiency during the beginning stages, A.R. Design Group can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save you money on energy costs over time.

A.R. Design Group can help you design, plan and build your home so you do not end up spending extra money down the line because of green inefficiencies. Not only does green design save the environment, it also saves you money in the long run. Virginia custom homes built with green standards last longer than those built without and require less routine maintenance. It costs far less for utilities such as natural gas, electricity and water in green homes because occupant productivity increases with improved design. Green custom home builders in Virginia are also experts at selecting fixtures, windows, doors and sealants that save you money on heating and cooling costs.



As a Custom home builders in VA ,A.R. Design Group, not only looking out for the environment and the economy, they also build according to human health and happiness. A.R. Design Group conducts design and construction studies that will enhance your health and comfort, minimize the strain on local infrastructure and improve your overall quality of life in your new home. Not only do we design homes that are sustainable to the overall health of the community, we also keep in mind aesthetics that beautify the entire area as a whole.

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